A Decorating Tip I Stole and Still Use For My Friends!

  We all have that one friend who has exquisite taste and decorating talent.  Her home, office or apartment has finishing touches that are unique and perfectly appointed.  I had such a friend a few years ago. We met when I hired her as part of my team at work. Although I was her boss, we soon became friends and remained so after our career paths took us in different directions.  I will never forget when I was being promoted and moving from the cubicle farm into a private office, she insisted that “we” (and by “we” I mean “she”) decorate my new office with the right “accoutrements”.  And she decorated it beautifully.  I felt so proud, so grown up, so sophisticated.  And yet, the small touches she added were not that way at all.  She just knew how to add pizazz and personality to an otherwise dull space. 

I always enjoyed visiting her home and taking in all the details that seemed so effortlessly pulled together.  After many visits, I realized her secret was just adding some unexpected, easy pieces that were a fun reflection of her personality.  Every room in her home had a small but delightful signature item that made you smile all while completely keeping with her sophisticated theme and color choices.

 One of her signature decorating secrets was to always keep a whimsical, colorful, decorative soap or candle in the bathroom.  And she always gave me one for Christmas,  birthday, or just because.  She declared that a high traffic room such as a bathroom should be dressed up since it gets so many visits and the candle or soap was one of the best ways to do it!  Making it fun and pretty was just the extra special effort she made that always let me know she was thinking of me.  That tip is one that I have copied to this day. It’s such an easy way to make the room look special and dressed.  And when I want to brighten someone’s day, I share a gorgeous soap or candle with her so she will feel the same!  This candle is one of my favorites to give as a gift because the candle is smokeless and dripless, and it is gorgeous! 


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