Organizing In The Digital World

   The start of a new year is likely the most common time when people decide to organize their personal belongings.  New beginnings warrant fresh starts with clean, uncluttered slates.  We all want to hit the ground running when the calendar page changes.  I am definitely one of them.  I LOVE to be organized.  As our daily lives become more and more digitized, we tend to believe that technology helps us streamline and simplify.  For the record – I believe this.  However, the choices of what and how to organize do not get easier.  In fact, the choices have now expanded so much so that it’s hard to figure out the optimal way to organize all my stuff. 

 For example, I really no longer have to keep paper copies of insurance policies.  I can merely scan them and keep them electronically.  Now, where do I want to store the electronic copy? On my hard drive?  In the cloud?  Should I use iCloud?  Google Docs?  Dropbox?  Should I put copies in more than one place in the cloud?  Should I keep a backup paper copy as well?

 What about all the recipes I hoard (and declare that I will try all of them, and never do)?  Should I print them out and store them in my own recipe binder?  Should I scan the paper and put it on a flash drive?  Should I subscribe to an online recipe filing system?  Does that mean I need to install a tablet or computer in my kitchen so I have instant access to all the recipes?  Most importantly, does this mean I should go shopping for another device?  My husband is shaking his head….

 Where should I store all my pictures?  This is absolutely the biggest dilemma for me.  I have pictures stashed away in iCloud, Google Docs and Dropbox.  In addition, I have boxes of full photo albums that aren’t digitized yet.  There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to scan them all.  The thought of sending them off to a company to do it worries me.  What if my pictures get lost and are gone forever?  How will my children ever know if their children look like their grandma when I was a little girl?

 I really want to an easy-to-manage, reliable, secure place to store all my stuff – electronically and accessible at a moment’s notice, wherever I am.  As I continue over time to update all my paper files into digital files, it feels like I fall more and more behind as I try to figure out the right digital home to store them.  I think this could be a huge opportunity/niche for professional organizers.  I might be the perfect customer.


Jodi Henson is the Co-Founder of A Wish For You (, an online portal where customers can create Wish Packages to send to others with whom they want to show support, encouragement, and uplifting wishes.  Jodi is also a Business Consultant for the Florida SBDC helping small businesses succeed.  She lives on Amelia Island in Florida with her husband.  She can be reached at or on


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