Relaxing on Spring Break

    Woo-hoo! It’s Spring Break!

You may be thinking spring break for college students is all about going on crazy trips with friends and hitting every party you see.

For me, the key word in spring break is BREAK.

A little background on me - I am a senior at Nichols College with a focus on Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Management. I am involved on campus through Student Government as a part of the Executive Advisory Board, the Honors Society as the president, the Emerging Leaders Program, and the Academic Resource Center as a peer tutor. This does not include any homework, projects, and actually trying to maintain a social life. AHH!

To say I am busy is an understatement. However, I choose to be busy and I wouldn’t want it any other way. So when spring break comes around, a break from everything is an absolute necessity. Stepping away from my responsibilities for a week is important for my mental and physical wellbeing.                                                                                               

For me, it is always hard to answer the question, “What do you do in your free time?” Considering that my free time is limited, I try to do activities to help me de-stress. Working out, reading books, and hanging with my friends are great de-stressers for me.  School breaks allow more “me time,” which is what everyone needs.  For me, that means doing things that make you happy and allows you to escape the day-to-day routine. Being pampered and spending quality time with my family are two of my favorite things to do for myself.

Who doesn’t like to be pampered? The refreshing feeling of a fresh coat of paint on my nails and a relaxing massage is just what a girl needs - especially after a stressful few weeks away at school. Investing in”me time” makes me feel like a whole new person! So relaxing and rejuvenating – exactly the way a break should make you feel!

Being as family-oriented as I am, I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my family. For others, spending time with family can be stressful. Spending time with family, for me, is somewhat therapeutic. Growing up in a big Italian family has its perks for sure. We cook enough food to feed a small army, we like to spend time with each other, and of course, we like to eat. I have always been close with my family and I am blessed to say this has not changed. The older we all get the closer we become. Spending time with them has and always will be a way for me to de-stress.

Would going on exotic trips with my friends be great? Of course! Yet relaxing at home, taking time for myself, and being with my family is the perfect getaway for me.

Laura Freeman is a senior at Nichols College, studying Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Management. She is a spring intern with A Wish For You and is studying the gift-giving behaviors and practices of the 18-35 age group. She likes working out, running races, and spending time with her loved ones. After she graduates in May, she will be seeking full time employment in event planning and digital marketing.

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