The Power of Girlfriend Love

 I was on a conference call last week and a text popped in from a girlfriend I haven’t communicated with since before the holidays. The text showed a selfie of her in a dressing room wearing a cocktail dress – looking stunning, I might add -- and the text read, “Gotta go to a wedding and am stressing over what to wear. You’re the BEST at this! What do you think about this dress?” Aside from embracing the distraction from a mundane work call, I was SO happy to hear from my friend and loved being pulled into that dressing room with her. I gave her a big thumbs up, told her the dress was a winner, and texted that I loved her. That simple and that quick – but it was a few shared moments that reconnected our hearts and our histories.

 What is it about Girlfriend Love? Guys clearly don’t do this kind of stuff; and I think the fact that girls do is what makes our bonds so strong and our reliance on each other so critical. Girlfriends don’t just rally round in bad times, although that’s a given. They are also there to celebrate the best times and give that “high five” – even perhaps virtually – over events big and small.

 My best girlfriends just “get” me. We share humor, stresses, frustrations, and joy. We can be quiet together, or we can get crazy and throw it down (well maybe twenty years ago, but you get my point). And the laughter! Those who know me best can make me laugh like no one else on earth can, often over the retelling of one of “our” stories. There is something so therapeutic about reminiscing over shared escapades – often embellished a little in the retelling; but always reviving a memory that was unique and epic to us.

 The women who are closest to me share a piece of my history, my past, and my heart. They have seen me thrive, fail, grow, and despair and have pulled me out of limbo or off the edge of the cliff more than once.   They are who I turn to when my ship needs a sail; and we can always pick right up where we left off – even if it’s from behind a dressing room curtain.

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