The Traits My Mom Gave To Me

 We all inherit different traits from our parents and we can only hope we get the good ones passed down to us.  Whether we acknowledge or recognize those traits, they have a way of showing up in the most interesting ways.  And how they come out in each of us is one of the ways that makes us all so individual and special – one of a kind. 

To be honest, I inherited both good and not-so-good traits from my mother, but even some of the not-so-good traits have served me well throughout my life.  My mom liked to yell and I can say that she taught me well (sorry kids).  Any ounces of fat she had on her body – which weren’t that many – settled in her midsection.  Thanks, mom.  That’s where I find my excess calories settling as well.  I’m told that carrying extra weight is not genetic, but where it lands on the body is so we know from where my expanding midsection comes.

Enough of the not-so-good!  I inherited some wonderful traits from my mom that I cherish and hold sacred.  My mom had lovely handwriting.  She was incredibly organized (ahhh, what a blessing!!).  And she had a knack for sewing and crafts.  She sewed my sister and me matching outfits when we were little.  She made all my Halloween costumes.  All the ornaments on our Christmas tree were hand painted.  She made gorgeous cross-stitch canvases.  I will never forget one year at Christmas she wrapped all the presents under the tree in solid green or solid red wrapping paper with contrasting red or green bows.  The stunning picture of those presents under the Christmas tree are forever burnished into memory as a beautiful picture. 

On Christmas Day this past year, my husband and I sent our kids (all young adults) on a scavenger hunt for fun.  One of the stops on the hunt was at the home of family friends where I had some fun little gifts prepared and on hand to give to the kids.  I used the green and red paper scheme that my mom used many years ago.  It brought joy to my heart to use that wonderful crafty trait that my mom so kindly shared with me! 

Being able to bring those beautiful touches to my world is a gift from my mom and I know she’s looking down at me and smiling at her handiwork.

Jodi Henson is the Co-Founder of A Wish For You (, an online portal where customers can create Wish Packages to send to others with whom they want to show support, encouragement, and uplifting wishes.  Jodi is also a Business Consultant for the Florida SBDC helping small businesses succeed.  She lives on Amelia Island in Florida with her husband. 


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