What Is It About Angels?

  It seems that Angels have in recent years become a fairly commonplace subject and are no longer just relegated to biblical reference.  There are countless articles, essays, and studies delving into the mystery of angels. A Time Magazine poll revealed that 69 percent of adults confirmed their belief in Angels, and over 30 percent claimed to have felt an angelic presence at some point in their lives. 


Spiritual leaders attribute the widespread acceptance of “angels amongst us” to several things.  First, angels are not seen as punitive – only as symbols of forgiveness and peace.  Angels are heaven-sent agents who are present to help rid us of the worry that often overtakes our daily lives.  They represent comfort and benevolence and yes, even protection from danger.  We often refer to “a guardian angel” sitting on our shoulder.  There is a great deal of comfort in believing that something larger than ourselves, sent with Heaven’s blessings, may be watching out for us. 


Angels can take on many forms – as apparent as “nudgings” that cause us to take a better and safer path; or as subtle as a page that falls open with a clear message.  But regardless of how angels appear, their intent is always positive.  Angels send a message of love  -- God is love and WE are love; and we can be the earthly embodiment of that love expressed to others. 

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Vicki Ravenel is the Co-Founder of A Wish For You (www.awishforyou.net), an online portal where customers can create Wish Packages to send to others for whom they want to show support, encouragement, and uplifting wishes. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband.



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