Our Beautiful Cards

Each of our cards at A Wish For You is a beautiful work of art in and of itself.  Card designs are handcrafted using a technique called "Quilling" where colorful strips of paper are rolled up tightly and then released and shaped to form the raised and colorful image on the card. 

The Quilling artisans work in teams of two and they “own” a certain design to ensure that the cards have a consistent look.  A team will work on one design exclusively then switch to another design after a few months.  This ensures that everyone knows how to create different designs and establishes a consistent look and feel for the portfolio of cards as a whole.

Quilling Cards is women-owned and their artisans are Fair Trade Certified. 

The exquisite craftsmanship of these cards is a perfect reflection of the sincerity of your wish and the feelings you want to convey.


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