We Love Your Wish Stories!

My friend was recently diagnosed with cancer. I had no idea how to tell her that I would always be with her, throughout the journey, no matter what. I sent her A Wish to demonstrate how much she meant to me and that I would be close to her, all the time. I can just cry thinking about it now but I know it helped her. 
- Karen Smyth, Atlanta, GA
Thank you for creating a quick and easy way to send a personal gift. I recently sent my mom "A Wish For You" (the dragonfly card and earrings) and she LOVED it! In just a couple of minutes, I was able to order a personalized card and gift. Thanks again for making it so easy - I look forward seeing your new designs soon!  - Dawn Richardson
I got the best package in the mail today from my Mom. It is a #awishforyou package! A Wish For You is an amazing new way to send a personalized wish package to anyone--it includes a handmade card, personalized message and a gift. Can't wait for the release next week so I can be the giver (and hopefully receiver) of more packages.  - Mary Morris
I love to send special notes in the mail to special friends. A Wish For You did a beautiful job with the package they sent to my friend on my behalf. It was so much more than a note & a little gift. It was pure happiness! She was delighted as was I. And, it was so easy to select and send. Can't wait for more!!! - Karen Baldwin